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ICT 4 Disaster Resiliency
Exploring the potential of LoRaWAN and Internet of Things to monitor natural disasters
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Digital Skills for economic wellbeing
Sanarip Insan Project increased digital literacy of 2.5 million people, created hundreds of new jobs, funded startups in rural areas of Kyrgyzstan
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Responsible AI in Central Asia
Promoting Responsible AI and policies to strenghten digital rights
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Tech 4 Society
CERT hotline for civil society and journalists
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sanarip insan

Cybersecurity Tips

After the pandemic caused by Covid-19, most of us were forced to retire and conduct various activities through the network.

IoT LoRaWAN Research Project

Partnering with Ilbirs Foundation

On August 11, 2023, ISOC Kyrgyzstan Chapter – Aziz Soltobaev and Talant Sultanov – teamed up with representatives from the Ilbirs Foundation and SMART consultant

Mapping Lorawan coverage in Kyrgyzstan

In a pioneering initiative, the Internet Society Kyrgyz Chapter has embarked on a groundbreaking project to test and map LoRa-enabled gateway coverage in select pilot

Trip to Adygene glacier mountain lake

On July 21, the ISOC research team embarked on an expedition to Adygene Glacier Mountain Lake, strategically situated 60 km south-southwest of Bishkek. Nestled at

Donations for Zardaly village

Residents of the village of Zardaly have been living without electricity for several decades. While for the whole of Kyrgyzstan

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