The Internet has changed our world for the better

But it can only enrich our lives when it’s secure and available to everyone, everywhere. Half the world lacks access while, in nearly every corner of the world, ideas are forming that could threaten the Internet as we know it.

We work tirelessly to grow the Internet and make it stronger in Kyrgyzstan. We apply know-how and decades of experience to achieve our vision, which puts people first: The Internet is for everyone.

ISOC  Goals

1. Growing the Internet

2. Strengthening the internet

3. Empowering people to take action


What do we do to reach these goals?


1. Growing the internet



  1. Growth of the number of fixed-broadband subscriptions;
  2. Growth of electronic commerce via messengers, email, and online mark
  3. Growth of ICT specialists in the region
  4. Improve in QoS (latency)





2. Strengthening the internet





3.Empowering people to take action



...girişimci bir eşek ile Covid döneminde öğrencilerin eğitimsiz kalmamalar...


  1.  To deploy Moodle open-source solution on website and customize it in user-friendly way (mobile);
  2.  Upload and structure all available learning materials on one platform organized by classes, school curriculum, competencies; 
  3.  Convert all textbooks from pdf to machine-friendly format so that it would be easy to search required text, read it, increase th font of the text, etc.
  4.  Provide video conferencing tools on the platform.