The project “Promotion of Equal Economic Opportunities and Resilience of Youth” (hereinafter referred to as Sanarip Insan) is being implemented by the Public Association Internet Society Kyrgyz Chapter with the assistance of the Delegation of the European Union to the Kyrgyz Republic. Sanarip Insan aims to develop digital knowledge and skills among youth and women living in the regions. This project provides for holding information activities to increase the level of digital literacy in cooperation with the media and social networks; adaptation and development of educational and methodological materials with representatives of the education sector, as well as conducting joint initiatives on the digital economy with stakeholders and government agencies to train young people to work on digital platforms – e-government, e-commerce and the digital economy.


Sanarip Insan Project is conducting the second phase of training in the region. This time trainings on e-commerce were held in 12 locations in Kyrgyzstan. Pre-registration takes place through social networks and is attended mainly by interested youth, women and entrepreneurs.

Project Sanarip Insan together with the Ministry of Culture, Information, Sports and Youth Policy of the Kyrgyz Republic conducted trainings in the region together with the public association “Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Fund (She Starts). Digital tourism trainings were organized in 10 densely populated regions of Kyrgyzstan. Pre-registration took place through social networks and was mainly attended by interested young people, women and entrepreneurs from the tourism sector.

The trainings lasted for 2 days, during which the participants improved their basic digital skills and knowledge on MISTT (Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit) methodology for working on digital tourism platforms and effective business use of social networks such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook; as well as how to register and use Google My Business, messengers Whatsapp, Telegram, Google maps. com and 2GIS, booking platforms such as, AirBnB, Expedia, Agoda,, review sites such as Shelter PMS , Edelweiss, Fidelio and WebPMS Travelline learned about hotel management automation systems. At the end of the training, the participants were awarded certificates.

Learning Materials and Courses

In order to provide citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic with a modern education, to expand their opportunities for work and study by teaching digital skills, the Sanarip Insan Project has prepared a series of special trainings called GSMA MISTT based on cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Information, Sports and Youth Policy.

This series of trainings in a language accessible to all citizens of the country will provide information about the vast amount of information inside the cell phone that many do not know, how to communicate effectively with the world through the Internet, the wide range of functions. different platforms, how to use these tools to your advantage and gain thousands of opportunities with them.

As part of the Sanarip Insan project, in order to increase digital literacy among women and young people, we present educational videos on the use of digital platforms in the field of tourism.

In 12 training videos we will show in detail the following platforms: Google, 2GIS, airbnb, shelter, booking, tripadvicer and traveline. These platforms are common in countries with broad tourism potential. By knowing how to properly use the above platforms, millions of our citizens from the tourism sector increase their economic opportunities, create new jobs, and contribute to the sustainable development of our country. By studying the videos, you can become one of them!

Online Webinar

In a series of webinars of the Sanarip Insan project, local and international experts with experience in the digital economy for youth, women, students, migrants and citizens living in remote areas share their experience. Webinars provide theoretical and practical aspects related to digital skills. Citizens of all regions of Kyrgyzstan can take part in it and get the necessary information about the advantages and possibilities of information technologies.

Digital Entrepreneurship

Date: 27.01.2023 Time: 16:00 Speaker: Taalai Abdraimov – trainer, consultant on business and digital entrepreneurship. He has extensive experience in the financial and banking sectors,

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Podcast Sanarip Insan

In the Sanarip Insan podcast, the presenters and guests discuss the path, image and success of digital people who are closely related to information technologies, seek answers to questions about how modern technologies have changed people’s lives, how they make their lives easier, save time and help gender specialists in accordance with modern requirements. The podcast shares information on examples from real life to inspire women and youth living in remote areas of the country.

Media about us

Sanarip Insan on social media

Project Sanarip Insan actively maintains pages in social networks. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages contain information about the main moments of project implementation: special events, trainings, webinars, podcasts and official meetings. In addition, there are publications and stories about the necessary information for users of the social network, related to information technologies, digital platforms for conducting business and the most elementary signs of digital literacy. Through social networks, a close and operational connection is created between our project and the audience, sometimes through polls, discussions or user comments.

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Project Sanarip Insan closely cooperates with local and international mass media. As a result, news about the court, articles-interviews and live discussions about important events, trainings, webinars in the process of active implementation of the project will be organized through the main information sources in Kyrgyzstan. Through them, ordinary citizens are informed about Kyrgyzstan in the digital era and the opportunities created by information technologies. The approximate target audience is more than a million people.


European Neighborhood Council

Samuel Doveri Vesterbye -
Managing Director at the ENC

Kseniya Tyshkevych -
project coordinator

Internet Society Kyrgyz Chapter

Talant Sultanov - ICT Expert

Aziz Soltobaev - Project manager

Begaiym Naimanova - Administrative Manager

Azhybek Nurlanov – Partnerships Development Manager

Sapargul Abdinabieva – Media Expert

Alina Naizabekova - Social marketing manager