Keeping up with the educational process, the educational platform opens up a unique opportunity during the incidence of ARVI among schoolchildren.

Over the past week, about 5,000 cases of respiratory infections have been registered in Kyrgyzstan. Of these, 94% are children under 14 years old. Experts predict that the flu wave will only grow until December.

Over the past day, about 400 citizens have applied to the Bishkek City Children’s Clinical Hospital of Emergency Medicine. According to official estimates, the incidence of colds in Kyrgyzstan is 76 per 100 thousand people. Experts note that the same indicators were observed in previous years.

The Department of Disease Prevention and State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance reports that every year in autumn and winter in the country there is an increase in the incidence of acute respiratory infections. Influenza has increased in the country since mid-October. Source:

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