Online webinar: “Financial literacy and security”

Date: August 11 Time: 16:00 Join Zoom at the following link: Live stream: Youtube: Facebook: Financial literacy is a sufficient level of

World Day against Human Trafficking

July 30 is the World Day against Human Trafficking. Human trafficking is a serious crime and a serious violation of human rights. Every year thousands

E-commerce and lalafo service

Today, each of us can shop from our computers and through other touchpoints, including smartphones, smartwatches, and digital assistants. E-commerce is booming in both business-to-consumer

Resume Creation Rules

A resume is a first impression of you. A well-written and formatted resume demonstrates your professional competence and self-confidence. When a competition for a position

3 main dangers on the Internet

The Internet has given us access to endless knowledge and unlimited communication. Viruses, new methods of fraud and fraud also sometimes go unpunished. Scroll to

Sites for downloading free books

Reading books was one of the best ways to pass the time before the advent of smartphones. Now is the right time to plunge into

Perfect resume and dream job

Kyrgyz Internet Society held an online webinar on July 21, 2022 at 16:00 on the topic: “Perfect resume and dream job”, because Nowadays, when looking

SMM profession of the future

Modern life is hard to imagine without the influence of the Internet. People buy various goods there, order services, communicate, get acquainted and just relax.

Online webinar: “Electronic commerce and lalafo service”

Online webinar: “Electronic commerce and lalafo service” Date: July 28, 2022 Time: 16:00 Zoom connection via the following link: On-line translation: Youtube: Facebook:

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