Online webinar: Opportunities for girls in science and innovation

Online webinar: “Opportunities for girls in science and innovation”
Date: September 22
Time: 16:00
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Science and innovation reflect the people who do it. The world needs science and innovation, and science and innovation needs women and girls. Today, only 30 percent of researchers worldwide are women.
Recent studies have shown that women working in science and innovation are underrepresented, receive less pay for research and are not promoted to leadership positions. It is believed that girls are less intelligent in science and innovation, but despite these negative factors, women and girls continue to engage in technological and innovative research. They create life-saving drugs and break the sound barrier, explore the universe and lay the groundwork for understanding the structure of DNA. They are an inspiring role model for our future generations.
Our future will be marked by scientific and technological progress, which can only be achieved when women and girls are the creators, owners and leaders of science, technology and innovation.
The Kyrgyz Branch of the Internet Society is going to hold an inspiring online webinar for women in our country, noting the relevance of this topic. Asel Sartbayeva, renowned British scientist, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Bath and Fellow of the Royal Society of Great Britain, leading innovative research on the safety of childhood vaccines at all temperatures, and Eliza Amanbayeva, Microsoft programmer, will talk about their path to science, successes, and also share their thoughts on the difficulties and answer the questions of ordinary citizens and girls.