Mobile Gender Gap Report for 2022

We will share with you the report on the gender gap of mobile devices released by the DEDIS Association in 2022. The recent pandemic has slowed down the process of women’s mobile device ownership and the introduction of information and communication technology services.

Today, women use mobile Internet by 16% less than men, and in 2019 – by 15 percent.
Since 2017, this indicator has been steadily decreasing by 25% every year and for the first time has become a wake-up call for professionals working to bridge the digital gender gap. It is reported that the slow growth in the number of women compared to men using mobile phones has led to an increase in the gender gap in mobile Internet in South Asia in 2020 from 36 percent in 2021 to 41 percent.
According to the Mobile Phone Gender Gap Report for 2022, women are 7% less likely to use mobile phones than men.

Gender Gap