Professions of the future

Today, professions and professional competencies are changing very rapidly. The principle of ”lifelong learning” has become a more pressing issue than ever before. If earlier the indication of one place of work in the workbook was assessed as a success, now such an indicator indicates that a person was not ready for a rapidly changing world.
If you don’t master a sought-after profession in the future right now, robots or artificial intelligence may come to your place, so you are more likely to be out of work in the future.

For example, 53% of workers will change significantly or become obsolete over the next ten years, and 77% of people will retrain and change their profession.

Of course, the situation on the labor market in the Kyrgyz Republic is significantly different from the situation in developed economies. European countries, the USA, Japan are 20-30 years ahead of us. But the processes of globalization make the labor market limitless, you can live in one corner of Kyrgyzstan and work in the labor market in another country.

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The relevant information is taken from the “map of professions” developed by @youthofosh