Hotel and apartment management systems

Date: December 23
Time: 16:00

Dear friends, we present to you our next webinar on the topic “Automation of management and control systems for the hotel business”. Automation of business management and control systems is the need of today’s realities. This will help you save the most valuable resource – time, avoid misunderstandings and get additional income.
Hotel management system or PMS (Property Management System) is a kind of automated management system aimed at keeping records of documents, rooms and guests, as well as simplifying the daily work of hotel managers.
Hotel management systems are designed to automate the work of staff and reduce costs. The global booking system is complete with automatic synchronization systems. To facilitate the work of hotel managers, PMS-systems allow you to generate documents according to the list of hotel guests and the list of financial reports.

The speaker of our webinar? an independent expert on business process automation in the hotel business Aimira Ismailova, will talk about the programs SHELTER, TravelLine, Bnovo, BookingLite.

SHELTER is a system developed by Russian specialists for the automated management of hotels, hostels or resorts. This control system offers the following products:
1.Shelter Cloud;
2.Shelter Pro;
3.Shelter Lite;
4.Pre-booking module;
5.Channel Manager.

TravelLine is a platform designed for online management and sales of rooms, services in hotels, hostels, recreation centers.
Increasing direct sales from the site: Booking Engine is a booking module that helps guests to independently book accommodation on the website of a hotel, resort and other accommodations.
TL: WebPMS is an automated hotel management program that runs on our servers. The use of the component does not require expensive equipment that is constantly working in the hotel, or special software. Manage your hotel using the browser of almost any modern computer, laptop or tablet.
TL: Channel Manager is a tool for managing prices and room availability in sales channels from one personal account.
TL: Channel Manager saves time and increases online sales revenue. There are more than 100 channels in TL Channel Manager, choose the one that is convenient for you and manage it in your personal account. This will save you time and increase your online sales revenue.
Take full advantage of the platform. Integration with more than 200 ready-made online payment services? such as automated control systems, CRM.

Bnovo is a comprehensive hotel management solution, increasing online sales, direct room booking without %.
BookingLitte – hotel business automation. Possibilities:
PMS BookingLite is an automation of hotel management and customer service.
PMS BookingLite is the basis for connecting the following modules: Channel Manager, online pre-order module, sms/e-mail notification module.
Channel manager is a handy tool for managing online sales of rooms, using it to change information about quotas, prices, room stock and manage all information in one interface.
Booking Engine. Direct sales from the site. The contract is concluded directly between the hotel and the client without intermediaries. Once a room is booked, it is automatically removed from all sales channels.
Bluetooth lock control module. New generation electronic locks. Control of the use of plastic key cards and locks of the MIFARE standard.
Mobile app. The ability to manage the hotel business and all reservations at a distance, remotely in one application.