Sanarip Insan – Digital Citizen

“Sanarip Insan” is a project to educate people on digital skills. The main goal of the project is to teach citizens digital literacy skills such as usage of Google platforms, creation of email, or digital security on the internet. The target audience is women and youth. It teaches citizens digital skills, which are now firmly entrenched in daily living. Our potential audiences start basic technological education at first, continually improving learning techniques to support their personal and career growth. “Sanarip Insan” (“Digital Citizen”) is funded by the European Union. 


What digital opportunities are available for rural communities?

In honor of “Europe Day” on May 9 and “World Telecommunication and Information Society Day” on May 17, the Kyrgyz Internet Society hosted a webinar entitled “What are the digital opportunities for rural residents?” The webinar was attended by leaders of several EU-funded projects in Kyrgyzstan that provided information technology opportunities and grant support to […]

What digital opportunities are available for rural communities?

To celebrate the Europe Day (9 May) and the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (17 May), the Kyrgyz Internet Society will host a webinar “What digital opportunities are available for rural communities?” The webinar will bring together leaders of several EU-funded and EU-related projects in the Kyrgyz Republic to inform youth, women and migrants […]

Roundtable on ‘Improving the Employment Potential of Rural Youth, Women and Migrants through Digital Skills Development’. Launch of the Sanarip Insan project

On 31 March 2022, a forum on “Promoting Equal Economic Opportunities and Resilience of Youth” was held at the Park Hotel Conference Hall, where the Sanarip Insan Project was launched. The round table was held in a hybrid format, with more than 80 guests from the public and private sectors attending offline and international partners […]