IlimBox – Internet in a Box for schools in Kyrgyzstan

“IlimBox” is a digital library for schools and public libraries, containing Wikipedia in Kyrgyz, Russian and English, the Khan Academy electronic library in English, thousands of video lessons, audio and electronic books. All these digital training materials are available offline, in other words, they do not need access to the Internet. Access to Digital Libraries will be via smartphones, tablets, computers and any other personal devices with Wi-Fi technology.

ISOC-Kyrgyz Chapter had installed fifty devices of Ilimbox in understaffed and under-equipped rural schools in the northern provinces of Kyrgyz Republic.  Ilimboxes had been demonstrated in the halls of schools for teachers and students from the 6-10th classes. Public had positively welcomed this initiative and fully supported it in places. Teachers found materials very useful for preparing class materials and assignments, while school children asked to upload additional textbooks and materials that initially were not installed in Orange Pie devices. Based on their user feedback, the team took a pause in Ilimbox distribution for the time of spring recess in schools and had been working with different stakeholders to receive permits for sharing their textbooks and educational materials. The software part had been completely redesigned, user interfaces changed and overall product recognition improved. Starting from the new academic year in September, the team had traveled across the region, made presentations, training sessions, and distributed three fourths of the devices for users. There are about 25 thousand students and teachers who benefited from the installation of fifty devices and the accomplishment of the project.

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