ilimBox – this device allows you to access all educational resources without an Internet connection. Inside is a digital library that includes Wikipedia in Kyrgyz, Russian and English, Khan Academy in English, thousands of video and audio lessons and e-books. Moreover, it is worth noting that all data is stored in the device itself, and only the power supply and the box itself are needed for connection. The uniqueness of the innovative project is that students can access educational resources at school without an Internet connection. Access to Digital libraries is carried out through smartphones, tablets, computers and any other personal devices with Wi-Fi technology. The goals and objectives of the project “ilimBox” coincide with the five-year strategy of digital transformation “Digital Kyrgyzstan 2019-2023” and contribute to the achievement of target indicators for the component “development of the digital state” and “development of digital skills”. The project is funded by Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund 2018 (AEIF) as part of innovative solutions to global challenges and the Beyond the Net ISOC program. “ilimBox” previously had various names “Internet in a box”, “Bilim Bulagy”, “Spring of Knowledge”and is not related to the world Bank project “Bilim Bulagy”.