Online webinar: “Financial literacy and security”

Date: August 11
Time: 16:00
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Financial literacy is a sufficient level of knowledge and skills in the field of finance, which allows you to correctly assess the situation on the market and make reasonable decisions.
Knowledge of key financial concepts and the ability to use them in practice enables a person to competently manage their money. That is, keep track of income and expenses, avoid excessive debt, plan a personal budget, create savings. As well as navigate the complex products offered by financial institutions and purchase them on the basis of a conscious choice. Finally, use savings and insurance instruments.
Poor financial literacy and lack of understanding in the area of ​​personal finance can lead not only to bankruptcy, but also to illiterate retirement planning, vulnerability to financial fraud, excessive debt, and social problems, including depression and other personal problems.
We will talk about financial literacy and security at the webinar.

The experts will be:

  • Musuraliev Kubanich Iratbekovich – head of the financial literacy sector of the Public Relations Department of the National Bank. He will tell you about financial literacy and the project of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • Khalil Ibragim Bilgich is a specialist of the Tech4Society project of the Kyrgyz Internet Society. He will give you advice on how to use bank cards, e-wallets, online banking applications correctly and safely.