Round table with local activists of Osh interested in digitization of the south of the country

May 15, 2019 ISOC organized a second meeting in Ololo House Osh with local activists interested in digitalization and the development of the south of the country.

With invited participants, we discussed innovative ways to connect remote regions to the Internet as part of the activities of the Kyrgyz Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC).

The evening meeting with civil activists were no less productive, and the project “Suusamyr Net” was of great interest. This initiative contributes to the improvement of the quality of the Internet, and also allows communities together with the local aiyl okmotu to make the Internet accessible to all local residents. This project is the first of its kind in Central Asia. The construction of a public Internet provider in the village of Suusamyr also made it possible to gain experience in connecting remote areas and helps to identify obstacles to the creation of public providers. It is worth noting that we shared practical tools, materials and documents. We have analyzed in detail the algorithm for the implementation of the project, and the possibility of implementing such an initiative on the ground. As a result, there are people who are ready to repeat the experience of Suusamyr Net and wish to make their contribution to the development of digitalization of the regions.

After the presentation, we provided iftar for the fasting. In such a friendly atmosphere, the discussion continued at the dinner table with Aziz Soltobaev, Talant Sultanov, Erzhigit Imamov, Isabek Asanbaev.

We express gratitude to the business association JIA for assistance in informing their members about this event.