Installation of devices of ilimBox in Chui region

In October 2019, the ISOC team installed 9 (nine) ilimBox devices in the Chui region. 3 (three) devices were installed in Tokmok, another 6 (six) devices in schools in the Moskva and Panfilov districts.

Chui region is considered the most prosperous and developed region of Kyrgyzstan. According to data for 2018, the largest share of industrial production – 45% falls on this particular region. It would seem that schools in the Chuy valley should be better equipped technically, provided with Internet and textbooks in comparison with other regions. However, in reality the situation is completely different. In our visit to the region the first thing that struck was the old school buildings, poor furniture and outdated computers. In one of the schools, students said that they have to photograph the necessary pages of books on smartphones to do their homework. The problem would be solven by Internet , but students don’t have an internet access in schools, even if Chui region borders with Kazakhstan wich supplies 90% of Internet traffic to Kyrgyzstan. One of the reasons is the lack of funding for monthly Internet payments. The other is poor internet connection, our team got lost on the road several times trying to use Google Maps, because of low internet speed the application worked intermittently.

We randomly selected schools to install the ilimBox. When high school students from the village of Keper-Aryk found out about this, we were very happy that they were so lucky. They told that Ch. Aitmatov was incorporated in the school curriculum, but neither the textbooks nor the library contain his works. Now they can download and read at home the works by Ch. Aitmatov in electronic form.