The traffic exchange point in the Ferghana valley (FVIXP) – successfully implemented

The traffic exchange point in the Ferghana valley (FVIXP) is successfully implemented by our team project. The Fergana valley, located at the crossroads of three countries, is the most populated area in Central Asia, the center of regional inter-ethnic tensions related to water and land.

FVIXP is the installation of an Internet traffic exchange point (IXP) in southern Kyrgyzstan, in Osh, which significantly reduced the cost and accelerated the Internet for all residents of the Fergana valley. FVIXP opens up opportunities to build a digital silk road. Connection to the Internet traffic exchange point allows to establish peer-to-peer interaction between participants with lower costs and greater efficiency regarding the organization of pairwise physical joints. IXP efficiency increases with the number of connected participants. With the junction with China, new junctions with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, Osh is becoming a key city in the development of digital infrastructure. The project is aimed at expanding regional cross-border cooperation, as well as increasing the availability of the Internet by reducing tariff plans up to 3 times, multiplying the growth of Internet traffic exchange in the region, increasing the level of Internet penetration.

The goals and objectives of the project coincide with the five-year digital transformation strategy “Digital Kyrgyzstan 2019-2023” and contribute to the achievement of target indicators for the component “development of the digital state” and “development of digital skills”.

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