E-commerce training of the project “Digital Citizen” in Naryn

On March 15, the training of the project “Sanarip Insan” was held in the city of Naryn.


Naryn is an important trading post due to the proximity of the border with China, and the city itself is a free economic zone.


The basis of the district’s economy is animal husbandry and agriculture. The area of arable land is 27.4 thousand hectares. cereals, fodder crops, potatoes and vegetables are grown.


Training to improve the digital skills of the population in rural areas, this time is held on the topic “Electronic commerce”. In particular, the training participants learn in practice to take photos and videos (mobilography) of their products or services provided, edit, create a text description for them (copywriting) and place them on various electronic platforms.

More than 20 girls, women and young people took part in the training in Naryn. During the training, the participants took pictures of their products in practice and posted photos on the Internet for presentation to their customers. Upon completion, all participants were awarded certificates stating that they had completed the training on “Electronic Commerce”. 

We would like to thank the Naryn Youth Center for help in organizing the training on “Electronic Commerce” and Naryn TV @narynnews, for information support.


The “Sanarip Insan” project is being implemented by the European Neighborhood and Unification Council, the  “Internet Society Kyrgyz Chapter”, with the financial support of the European Union.