Digital Libraries for schools

Thanks to grants from the American Embassy in Kyrgyzstan and the Internet Society, the Public Association “Kyrgyz Branch of the Internet Society” starts the project “Bilim Bulagy”. Bilim Bulagy is a digital library for schools and public libraries containing Wikipedia in Kyrgyz, Russian and English, the Khan Academy, thousands of video lessons, audio and electronic books. All these digital learning materials are available offline, that is, without needing access to the Internet. Access to the Digital Libraries will be provided through smartphones, tablets, computers and any other personal devices with Wi-Fi technology.

Many schools in Kyrgyzstan annually experience a shortage of teachers and textbooks. As a result, thousands of children do not receive a proper quality education. In particular, there are not enough teachers of the exact sciences and the Russian language. As a result, Kyrgyz schoolchildren show poor knowledge of such fundamental skills like reading and computing. This is evidenced by the results of the PISA International Student Assessment, where students from Kyrgyzstan showed the worst results and finished last in 2006 and 2009.

Bilim Bulagy aims to provide opportunities for students to fill in missing knowledge on their own. Similarly, the lessons of the Khan Academy have the potential to help retarded students understand complex topics.
Over 6 million Wikipedia articles will be available for reading in three languages helping to develop curiosity in children.

Many digital learning materials are also available for download, thus allowing you to take a piece of the library with you. Download speed is very high, because it does not use the Internet, but only its internal network.

Bilim Bulagy will be implemented in 50 pilot schools and libraries in the country in 2019.