Bagymdat Atabayeva is one of the winners of the Sanarip Insan project startup competition

On November 10, 2023, the Innovation Centre hosted the Final of the Sanarip Insan Startup Project Competition with a total prize fund of €27,500 or 2.6 million soms.

Introducing the winners of the startup competition.

Salym.AI is an innovative platform, to simplify and optimise tax reporting.
We offer:
●Auto-filling, auto-checking of tax reports, and we replace filling in complex forms with hundreds of cells with guiding questions;
Helping citizens to recover up to 25 per cent of tax deductions.
●Our AI-based assistant, trained in the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic, can advise in chat rooms.
Our platform guarantees error-free filing of tax forms, saving time, effort and reducing the risk of penalties.
The cost of our services is the most affordable, from 50 soms to 500 soms. Now at the MVP stage, we have developed a declaration filler for individuals and a 161st form filler for accountants. Our clients: all taxpayers and all individuals who submit declarations.
The market volume according to our estimates is 44 million KGS in the first year, where the average cheque is about $2.46.
In 2026 the submission of declarations will be mandatory for everyone and we are ready to ease the pain of submitting tax returns now.

Sanarip Insan aims to improve digital literacy among young people, women, migrants and people living in remote regions of the country. In particular, it suggests the use of digital platforms, learning the functions of social networks, digital financial applications, the use of information technology in online commerce and entrepreneurship, and ways of sustainable development through green economy. The project is implemented by the European Neighbourhood Council and the Internet Society Kyrgyz Chapter, with the financial support of the European Union.