Provision of services for the adaptation of video materials into Kyrgyz and Russian languages “Internet Society Kyrgyz Chapter”

Technical task

Project: “Promotion of Equal Economic Opportunity and Resilience of Youth”

About the project:

The goal of the project is to provide knowledge of the work of the digital and green economy to young people and women living in rural regions of the republic. This project provides for holding information events to increase the level of digital literacy in cooperation with the media and social networks, adapting and developing educational and methodological materials with representatives of the education sector, as well as conducting joint initiatives with representatives of the digital economy and government agencies to train young people to work in digital platforms in the e-government, e-commerce and digital economy sectors.

According to the results of bilateral meetings and a letter from the Ministry of Culture, Information, Sports and Youth Policy of the Kyrgyz Republic, the priority area in terms of digitalization is the training of rural youth in digital skills aimed at mastering international and local digital platforms and tools that increase their working capacity.

Based on the above factors, NGO Kyrgyz Branch of the Internet Society” announces a competition among interested parties for the provision of services for the adaptation of video materials “Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit” (MISST) into Kyrgyz and Russian languages, according to the following terms of reference.

Tasks and Scope of work:

As part of the terms of reference, he translates the materials of the “Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit” (MISST) into Kyrgyz and Russian, supplementing with local examples

Translation and adaptation of video (recording on audio translated materials and processing, overlaying on video) materials from English into Kyrgyz and Russian
Video materials Videos and scripts
Number of videos: 10
Total time: 29:05

Number of words: 4047

The content of the materials includes topics such as:

Introduction to the Internet: Online Safety, Mobile Money, Accessibility Features, Download Apps

Apps, Websites & Technologies: WhatsApp, YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, Android

Expected results:

Upon completion of the task, the contractor must provide:

High-quality translation of the script document into Kyrgyz and Russian
Dubbed by a female voice, processed audio file in two languages ​​(Kyrgyz and Russian)
Adapted video file, background music and audio overlay, changing English-language moments (screenshots) to local, intro and packshot at the end of the video (project logos and names)
The task is considered completed only after the full approval of the customer (certificate of completion).


Potential candidates must meet the following requirements:

Oral, written and teaching communication skills;
Knowledge of English, Kyrgyz and Russian languages;
Experience in providing written translation services from English into Kyrgyz and Russian;
Recording, processing, arranging audio files;
Processing and editing of video files;
Project duration:

The terms of reference must be completed between August 20 and September 20, 2022. Number of days: 20 working days.

Place of implementation:



All materials developed within the framework of this Assignment are the property of the Sanarip Insan project and can be transferred to third parties only in agreement with the project.
All tax and social contributions under this Assignment will be included in the amount of the contract and are the responsibility of the Contractor. Additional reporting information will be provided.
Instructions: Interested candidates should send a detailed resume, letters of recommendation, as well as a commercial offer with a description of work experience and an indication of the cost of work in national currency to [email protected] by e-mail before August 20, 2022. If you have questions, call the mobile number 0755-330335