Competition for the provision of services for the development of project partnerships

Deadline: 01/28/2022 23:59:59
Salary: from 30,000 to 40,000 soms
Experience: Experience: from 12 months on similar projects
City: Bishkek
Employment: full time
Working hours: from 09 to 18.00

General information

With the support of the European Union Program for the Development and Protection of Human Rights on the example of the project “Promotion of factors of economic activity and stability of youth” in the Kyrgyz Republic. The project is being implemented by the European Neighborhood Council (ENC) together with the Public Association “Internet Society Kyrgyz Chapter” with the assistance of the Delegation of the European Union in the Kyrgyz Republic.
The aim of the project is to provide jobs and a green economy for young people and women living in the regions of the Republic. This project provides for carrying out information activities to increase the level of digital literacy in the congregation, as well as raising awareness and need for networks, adapting and developing educational materials taking into account the frequency of education, as well as carrying out activities to increase the level of digital platforms in sectors of relevant parameters, e-commerce and digital economy.


The potential candidate must:
know the Kyrgyz language, because 80% of materials in Kyrgyz language
speak Russian, because 80% of materials in Russian
speak English, because 10% materials in Russian
Correct oral and written language;
ability to conduct higher education;
knowledge of PC and basic programs (Word, Excel, Power Point);
be disciplined in completing assigned tasks
be independent in the structure and order of tasks


Business correspondence involving and relationship involving the project.
Meeting with the project budget
Development of documents of negotiations with participants, outcomes and further action plans during the meetings (follow-up actions).
Accompanying partners: joint activities and involvement of partners in the project.
Aggregation of proposals according to the proposed goals, development of new partner program projects
Participation in TV programs and interviews in TV and radio companies, presentation of the project.
Planning, development and implementation of activities with the participation of the project.
Conducting educational webinars and trainings, participation in partner events.
Place on digital platforms of organizations
Participation in expert meetings within the framework of the project
Communication skills
Assist in the implementation of team ideas


Full time work. Office in the city center. Payment is monthly on a contract basis. Payment by transfer to a bank account in national currency. The CV is sent strictPartnership Development Managerly to the e-mail [email protected] until January 28, 2022 with the subject “Project Partnership Development Manager”. Resume should be called “full name in Russian” in doc or pdf format. All cover letters are included in one resume file