Consulting services: development of video materials on digital tourism “Internet Society Kyrgyz Chapter”

Technical task

Project: “Promotion of Equal Economic Opportunity and Resilience of Youth”

About the project:

With the financial support of the European Union Program for the Development of Democracy and the Protection of Human Rights, the implementation of the project “Promotion of equal economic opportunities and sustainability of youth” in the Kyrgyz Republic has begun. The project is implemented by the European Neighborhood Council (ENC) jointly with the Public Association “”Internet Society Kyrgyz Chapter”” with the assistance of the Delegation of the European Union in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The goal of the project is to provide knowledge of the work of the digital and green economy to young people and women living in rural regions of the republic. This project provides for holding information events to increase the level of digital literacy in cooperation with the media and social networks, adapting and developing educational and methodological materials with representatives of the education sector, as well as conducting joint initiatives with representatives of the digital economy and government agencies to train young people to work in digital platforms in the e-government, e-commerce and digital economy sectors.

According to the results of bilateral meetings and a letter from the Ministry of Culture, Information, Sports and Youth Policy of the Kyrgyz Republic, the priority area in terms of digitalization is teaching rural youth digital skills aimed at mastering platforms and tools that increase the potential for employment and income generation through the promotion of digital tourism.

Based on the above factors, the NGO Kyrgyz Branch of the Internet Society” announces a competition among interested parties for the position of “Short-term consultant”, according to the following terms of reference.


Short-term digital tourism consultant


As part of the terms of reference, the Consultant will develop and prepare training digital courses on the following topics

Mastering cartographic services such as Google Maps, 2Gis for posting information about your offers, managing your personal account
Registration and work in the and digital platforms: from registering on the platform, working with reviews to withdrawing funds from the platforms
Promotion of services on the travel platform: registration and management of your personal account, promotion of your services on the platform in order to attract potential tourists
Work with computer-aided design systems such as Sheltor and Travelline: booking management in various digital platforms, hotel stock management
The course program is short 10-30 minute videos in Kyrgyz and Russian, aimed at a wide audience for coverage through television media and Internet platforms. The materials received will be combined with ready-made materials on the development of basic digital literacy.

Expected results:

As a result of watching videos, a potential viewer should acquire the following knowledge and skills:

Step-by-step instructions for digital knowledge in promoting a guest house
Creating your place in Google maps and 2GIS, managing your personal account.
Registration in the global platforms and basic knowledge in attracting potential guests.
Registering with, managing and promoting your account.
What is automation, a brief tour of the Sheltor system and WebPMS Travelline

The potential candidate must meet the following requirements:

Oral, written and teaching communication skills;
Knowledge of Kyrgyz and Russian languages;
Computer skills, especially word processing, check-in and working with online booking systems, hotel operating systems and spreadsheet creation;
Knowledge of business processes of guest houses in Kyrgyzstan;
At least 7 years of experience in the tourism and hospitality sector;
Experience in conducting trainings on working with digital travel platforms,,, online booking systems, business correspondence with tourists for at least 5 years;
Experience with projects in the tourism promotion sector;
Project duration:

The terms of reference must be completed between August 1 and September 5, 2022. Number of days: 15 working days.

Place of implementation:

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


All materials developed within the framework of this Assignment are the property of the Sanarip Insan project and can be transferred to third parties only in agreement with the project.
All tax and social contributions under this Assignment will be included in the amount of the contract and are the responsibility of the Contractor. Additional reporting information will be provided.

Interested candidates should send a detailed resume, letters of recommendation, as well as a tender request indicating the cost of work in the format “number of days and cost of payment in euros” exclusively