Where and how to store passwords from your accounts?

Where and how to store passwords from your accounts ?

🗄 Encrypted file
Write passwords to a text file.
If you resort to this method, then the data file must be encrypted. You can do this in different ways, for example, encrypt a note in applications like Evernote. You can also pack the file into a password-protected archive or place it on an encrypted area of the hard disk or even an external drive.
In this case, you only need to know one password — to access the file. But the reliability of this method is limited by the reliability of the service or equipment on which the file is stored, as well as the complexity of the password to access it.

🗃 Password Manager
A much more convenient way is to use a password manager. This is a specialized program that allows you to generate and store passwords. The user only needs to remember the master password to access the database.
You can’t trust passwords to the first service and application you come across. Use only those services that have already earned the trust of users or have open source code and have been repeatedly tested by the community.

🤔 ❓ What else you should know
Do backups. Failures may occur in the operation of any equipment. If the flash drive on which your password file is stored breaks, it will be very difficult to fix it. Therefore, it is important to make backups in time. This applies not only to a text document with a list of passwords, but also to a database file from a password manager.

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