Two-factor authentication

Imagine that a fraudster has found out your password and wants to log into your Instagram to ask for money from friends on your behalf. He enters the password, enters the application and starts sending out pitiful messages that supposedly you urgently need help. Your friends are worried and send money. Later you come in and realize that you have been hacked, and the scammers have already received a significant amount from a lot of people.

It’s good that there is a way to protect yourself from hacking — this is two-factor authentication.

If you have enabled two-factor authentication, the situation will develop differently. The fraudster will enter the password, but will not log in to the account, because you need to specify the code from the Application (google authenticator) that will come to your phone or application. If the fraudster does not have access to your phone, then he will not get access to your profile.

If you didn’t have time to connect it or don’t know what it is, it’s worth spending a few minutes on this publication and protecting your profiles.