How to become a salesforce specialist?

Date: 28th of February
Time: 16:00

SPEAKER: Seyitbek Usmanov is our compatriot who works for the largest IT company Salesforce in San Francisco, USA.

Hello, friends! Recently, many people have been asking the question: “How can I change my profession?” “How can I become an IT specialist?”. They believed that “being an IT specialist is very difficult.” There is an easy and difficult way to become an IT specialist. There has been a lot of discussion about this. Today, the Salesforce specialization is gaining popularity at a very fast pace. Therefore, we called the topic of the next webinar of the Sanarip Insan project “How to become a Salesforce specialist?The guest of the webinar will be our compatriot Seyitbek Usmanov, who works at Salesforce, one of the largest IT companies in San Francisco, USA.
Salesforce is an expert in the field of automation of business processes using a cloud platform. Salesforce can be customized according to business needs in two ways – by customizing and customizing according to customer requests. Salesforce administrators are responsible for performing various tasks for users, from developing reports and resetting passwords to maintaining data quality, adding fields and performing backups.