Get a vulnerability scan of websites absolutely for free!

Let’s explain the vulnerability scanning process using an example of a clear idea: Imagine that you wanted to know the level of security of your home.
Some countries have such services. You have called a specialist, signed a document or an agreement. He will start from the street, check:
– how easy is it to open the gate;
– reliability of locks;
– is it easy to climb over the fence;
– how easy it is to deceive the security system, blind cameras and sensors.
After entering the territory of your site, he tries to enter the house: he will check the door locks, whether it is possible to get through the windows, roof or balcony. If you have a smart home system, then he may be trying to hack it. After entering the house, he will check the security of all rooms, as well as whether you are securely storing your valuables, weapons or other important things.
After all the procedures are completed, a report will be compiled for you, vulnerabilities will be shown, tips and recommendations will be given that it is necessary to fix and strengthen protection.

Similarly, the vulnerability scanner program will break through each level of protection of your website and at the end will make a report with the results.

Our team will give you explanations and explanations on the results of the report in Russian and Kyrgyz.

How to get this service:
Write to us by email: [email protected]
Phone number(can be contacted by Signal): +996501551029

Before sending a scan request, read the terms of the agreement at the link: