Ferghana Valley Internet Exchange Point

Ferghana Valley located in crossroads of three countries is the most populated area in Central Asia, source of regional inter-ethnic tensions due to water and land irrigation disputes, poverty and lack of access to communication services. Internet Exchange Point Project with location in Osh city (Kyrgyzstan) is aimed to increase regional cross-border collaboration between stakeholders and communication of people through increase of Internet affordability by lower internet service tariff plans up to 3 times, multiple growths of Internet traffic exchange in the region, increase Internet penetration rate due to price reduction, better latency for international and regional content sources.

IXP will help local small and medium ISP to minimize traffic costs, spend more on infrastructure rather than on internet traffic purchase. Establishing IXP would greatly enhance the utility and value of the regional Internet and promote the growth of the digital economy. According to Terabit Consulting, “Improvement in ICT infrastructure yields: Increased demand for the output of other industries (demand multiplier), New opportunities for production in other industries (supply multiplier), New goods and services for consumers (final demand), It also increases firms’ innovation capabilities and increases the probability of new products, innovations, and organizations”.

For more information please follow: https://www.internetsociety.org/ferghana-valley-internet-exchange-point