Cybersecurity Tips

After the pandemic caused by Covid-19, most of us were forced to retire and conduct various activities through the network. After the pandemic, some continue to operate in the same format.
At the same time, often using software that is not designed for such loads and in many cases is not protected at a sufficient level.
Also, many users are not aware of possible threats, for example, hiding behind the facade of a huge glowing button “DOWNLOAD videos with cute puppies”.
According to PurpleSec cybersecurity statistics in 2021, over the past three years, the number of cyber attacks has increased by 600% and, unfortunately, this figure is not in favor of ordinary users. If we study the cyberattacks of three years ago, we will see that various complex schemes of extortion of money from companies were often created.
Today, due to the huge number of users online, it is enough for a hacker to develop a simple scheme and scale it to a large number of users to get the same amount of money as with a complex scheme for companies. Thus, the number of hackers has increased, and their attack vector has shifted to ordinary users.

📑 In this publication there are several tips on cybersecurity.