Zhumabek Abdipatta uulu is one of the winners of the Sanarip Insan project start-up competition

On November 10, 2023, the Innovation Centre hosted the Final of the Sanarip Insan Startup Project Competition with a total prize fund of €27,500 or 2.6 million soms.

Introducing the winners of the startup competition.

Zhumabek Abdipatta uulu , head of the project “VR SAYAKAT (VR STUDIO)”, is one of the winners of the Sanarip Insan startup competition.

VR Sayakat is your guide to the world of virtual travel and unique digital experiences. We present an innovative platform that combines virtual tours, digital promotion and registration on leading online platforms for accommodation and catering facilities.

Our key capabilities are:
1.Virtual tours of accommodation facilities(hotels, hostels): VR Sayakat offers hotel, guest house and cafe-restaurant owners the ability to create immersive virtual tours of their establishments. These tours not only allow potential customers to experience the ambience of the place in advance, but are also provided digitally, making the booking process more engaging.

2.Placing virtual tours on popular platforms: We integrate virtual tours into popular online services such as Google Maps, Booking.com and others. This gives the accommodation facilities additional visibility and allows them to attract more customers.

3.Registration on online platforms: We provide services to register accommodation facilities on popular online booking platforms. This simplifies the process for owners and enhances their online presence. In the city of Batken, only one guesthouse is registered with booking.com. This shows the importance of our service.

4.Digital Promotion: Our team of digital marketing experts provides online promotion services for accommodation properties. This includes social media strategies, online advertising and many other methods to attract more customers.
5.Exploring Tourist Areas: We travel to the most scenic and interesting places in Batken to create exciting virtual tours. Tourists can appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of these places before they decide to visit them

VR Sayakat is an exceptional opportunity for accommodation owners and tourists to enjoy the digital revolution in tourism. We are proud to help our partners attract new customers and help travellers explore the world virtually.
Join VR Sayakat and discover a new way of looking at tourism.

Zhumabek Abdipatta uulu won the final pitching with a score of 91.4 points.