Trainings of the project “Digital Citizen” in Bishkek

Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan and the country’s largest city by number of inhabitants (over 1 million).

Bishkek is located in the centre of the Chui Valley at the foot of one of the Tien Shan mountain ranges, the Kyrgyz Ala-Too. It is 375 kilometres long and stretches from the Boom Gorge to the Talas region. The highest point of the range (4875 metres) is Semenov-Tyan-Shansky peak.

Bishkek is a very green city. There are many parks, boulevards and squares. Not far from the capital there are green mountains and Ala-Archa National Park. It occupies more than 2200 hectares and is the most popular place of rest for Bishkek residents tired of the city bustle.

The final trainings held across the country under the Digital Personality Project were held in Bishkek on 23-24 January. The event was attended by Taalai Berdiev, Head of the Youth Policy Department of the Ministry of Culture, Information, Sports and Youth Policy, Talant Sultanov, Chairman of the Kyrgyz branch of the Internet Society, and Aizada Yusupova Yusupova, Head of the She starts Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Fund, who shared their views on the relevance of digital skills.

On the first day of training we tried to show by examples how with the help of these digital skills you can achieve economic independence and improve your life from the comfort of your home, country, starting with creating an account in social networks: Instagram, Tik-Tok, Facebook, Google My Business, WhatsApp Business, Telegram.

The second day of training on digital tourism and necessary applications: 2GIS Maps,, AirBnB, Expedia, Agoda, how to register and use room booking platforms such as browsing sites such as Shelter PMS, Edelweiss, Fidelio and webpms Travelline managed to get acquainted and master such systems as hotel management automation.

This will summarise the results of the trainings on training young people, women, migrants in digital tourism and the use of SMM skills in entrepreneurship, held in cooperation with the Foundation for the Development of Entrepreneurship among Women” She starts “in the framework of the project” Promotion of equal opportunities and sustainability of young people “(digital citizen).  Kyzyl-Adyr; Jalal-Abad region: Bazar-Korgon city; Jalal-Abad city; Osh city; In Batken city and Bishkek city, more than 200 young women and girls were trained in basic digital skills on a practical basis.

At the end of the two-day training, the participants were awarded certificates.

Sanarip Insan is a project aimed at improving digital literacy among young people, women, migrants and people living in remote regions. In particular, it proposes the use of digital platforms, learning the functions of social networks, digital financial applications, the use of information technology in online commerce and entrepreneurship, and ways of sustainable development through a green economy. The project is implemented by the European Neighbourhood Council and the Internet Society Kyrgyzstan Chapter  with the support of the EU.