Online webinar: “Atlas of professions”

Online webinar:”Atlas of professions”
Date: June 27
Time: 14:00
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According to the Ministry of Education, the total number of school graduates this year is about 68 thousand people. At the moment, they all face a meaningful decision, which profession to choose, what is its relevance and whether it is possible to grow and develop through it. In this case, the Kyrgyz Internet Society will organize an online webinar for applicants to provide information and support.
The speaker of the webinar is an adult education specialist, youth affairs specialist, trainer Azhara Kamalieva. She has more than 10 years of experience in educational projects with young people in the system of formal and non-formal education, and also has 7 years of experience in developing successful project proposals in the field of non-profit organizations. In her work, she uses interactive methods to develop curricula for young people.
The online webinar is open to applicants, teachers and parents from all over the country. The main broadcast will take place on the Zoom platform, which will be broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube.