Research team selected pilot locations

Research team held meeting to discuss potential locations for deployment of internet of things and lorawan technology to monitor and forecast natural disasters.

As a result of discussions, research team had selected Tatyr landslide, Baytik meteostation and Adygene lake. The pilot locations are based near Bishkek and easy to access and check the deployment and functionality of the internet of things and data transmission via LoRaWan technology.

Tatyr landslide is locatd in 30-40 km south of Bishkek The landslide formed on the slope of the northern exposure, which is 1510 meters long, 250 to 300 meters wide and 10-15 meters thick. The main factors of formation are the fallout of anomalous atmospheric precipitation in combination with the impact of groundwater wedging out in the form of springs, as well as a close predisposition to a tectonic fault. The last activation was in 2004. 

Adygene glacial lake located at an altitude of 3583 meters above sea level, on the northern slope of the Kyrgyz ridge, in the Adygen gorge, 43 kilometers south-west of the city of Bishkek in the Alamudun district of the Chui region.
The moraine lake is located 260 meters north of the Adygene glacier. The length of the lake from south-west to north-east is 371 meters, the greatest width in the central part of the lake is 170 meters. The perimeter of the lake is 1090 meters, the area is 34101 square meters.
The lake is located on the sea of the glacier. There are three more lakes in the south and southeast. The most southeastern lake, located at an altitude of 3640 meters above sea level, was formed along the northern edge of the glacier and its southern coast is the coast of the glacier.
The length of this lake is 188 meters, the maximum width is 70 meters. The perimeter of the lake is 550 meters, the area is 17142 square meters. A stream flows out of the northeastern side of Lake Adygene, which after 330 meters flows into a small moraine lake. In the southern part of the lake there are 10 more small moraine lakes.
In the southeastern side of the lake there is a hut for hydrologists and glaciologists. The lake poses an increased danger to the city of Bishkek, as it is prone to destruction of the banks and river bed and the formation of mudflows.

Baitik station (HM01) is located in Kyrgyzstan south of Bishkek on the river Ala-Archa. It’s good location to test equipment for water and snow measurements.

After initial pilot stage, team is intended to relocate communication equipment and sensors to Jalal-Abad and Naryn oblasty locations, where the most of natural disasters happen.