Kyrgyzstan has developed a useful alternative to the Internet for schoolchildren

In recent years, the Internet has become increasingly accessible to Kyrgyz people. If about 5 years ago only residents of the capital could afford access to the world wide web, now it is quite a familiar thing for residents of the regions.

The Internet plays an important role in modern education. Problems such as the shortage of school textbooks could be addressed through quality Internet access. Given this fact, the Ministry of education of Kyrgyzstan has carried out a lot of work in this direction and for 2 years connected almost 2 thousand state and municipal schools to the Internet, which is almost 90% of all schools in the country. However, the analysis showed that schoolchildren still do not have access to the world wide web. Fearing that students will be distracted from lessons and use the Internet for other purposes, school authorities do not provide students with access.

Innovative solutions to two pressing problems such as the lack of books and the lack of Internet can be seen in the project digital library for schools and public libraries “Ilim Box”, which contains Wikipedia in Kyrgyz, Russian and English, Khan Academy in English, thousands of video lessons, audio and e-books. All these digital learning materials are available offline, in other words does not need Internet access. Access to Digital libraries will be carried out through smartphones, tablets, computers and any other personal devices with Wi-Fi technology.

“As you know, the Internet has a huge number of educational resources that would help our children to access the most advanced knowledge online. Unfortunately, now a lot of students can not watch educational videos, read online books and use all educational resources. In order to solve this problem, we launched a project Ilimbox”, – said the representative of the Internet community in Kyrgyzstan (ISOC) Talant Sultanov.
The device allows you to access all educational resources without an Internet connection, in other words offline.
“The content that is online, we downloaded to the hard drive, attached a small computer that also acts as a Wi-Fi router. Any user will be able to download the necessary information to your computer or smartphone. What is most important-the user gets access only to educational resources, he will not have access to social networks and other entertainment content”, – explained Talant Sultanov.
It is worth noting that all data is stored in the device itself, and only the power supply and the box itself are needed for connection. The uniqueness of the innovative project is that students can access educational resources at school without an Internet connection.
“This is a very useful device, because on the one hand it provides access to an extensive database of educational materials, and on the other – it does not have entertainment content that would interfere with students during lessons. We are very happy that we had the opportunity to IlimBox and use it for educational purposes”, – shared his impressions the Director of one of schools of Karakol Gulzat Soukouna.

It should be noted that the IlimBox device was installed in 66 schools of Issyk-Kul, Talas and Chui regions. In these schools was held a presentation of the project “Ilim box” then testing the device with students and teachers and handing the device. During the conversation, the importance of education and self-education were touched upon. The choice of schools was due to several factors: no access to the Internet for students, lack of books, as well as the number of students exceeded the permissible maximum, thereby increasing the likelihood of poor performance in schools without a network connection, as well as the choice of educational institutions influenced the list of proposed schools by the Ministry of education and science of the Kyrgyz REPUBLIC.
The project is planned to cover all regions of Kyrgyzstan and install IlimBox in a total of 100 devices in schools experiencing problems with Internet access. Every educational institution reggenie gets IlimBox free.

The project is funded by Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund 2018 (AEIF) as part of innovative solutions to global challenges and the Beyond the Net ISOC program.

A video about the project can be found here:

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