NISI in Kyrgyzstan has opened a branch of the Internet Society (ISOC)

On November 25, 2015, the official launch Of the ISOC office in Kyrgyzstan (ISOC Kyrgyz Chapter) took place.

This event was initiated by NISI KR and was one of the results of cooperation for more than 12 months of a number of stakeholders in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The Internet Society (ISOC) is an international professional organization dedicated to the development and accessibility of the Internet. The organization has more than 80 thousand members, 111 branches around the world.

Among the founding members of ISOC Kyrgyz Chapter are representatives of government organizations, professional telecommunications community, business structures, well-known experts in various fields.

The activities are aimed at the development of the Kyrgyz segment of the Internet, its own infrastructure and the creation of local content, open discussions on the further development of the Internet in Kyrgyzstan and ensure its safe operation, promotion of the Internet as a positive tool used for the benefit of all people.

In the first year of ISOC Kyrgyz Chapter it is planned to implement such projects as:

providing access to wireless Internet in mountainous and remote areas of the country,
provision of Internet access in rural schools.