Interview about community network on “Suusamyr FM”

November 23, 2018 after the launch of the project “Suusamyr net” and the start of connecting subscribers, a meeting with local residents was organized. During the conversation, they talked about the project, the advantages and importance of high-speed Internet. The audience needed to provide ip TV, as there were no entertainment and sports channels, and they received many proposals to improve the Internet environment. There were no more than twenty people, in order to reach more people community Radio “Suusamyr FM” invited representatives of our company – Talent Sultanov – Chairman of ISOC and Erzhigit Imamov – technical Manager of the project on the air. During the broadcast Talant and Erzhigit shared with the audience the immediate plans of this initiative. The broadcast was exciting and productive and solved the issue of audience coverage of Suusamyr.