We invite you for an internship

The Kyrgyz branch of ISOC has been making a significant contribution to the process of internetization and digitalization of processes in the Kyrgyz Republic since its foundation in 2015. We have organized many working groups, round tables, events and trainings aimed at the formation and achievement of national goals of Internetization.

The Kyrgyz branch of the Internet Society (ISOC-Kyrgyzstan https://isoc.kg/) was created with the aim of developing the Internet environment of the Kyrgyz Republic. For 6 years of vigorous activity, ISOC launched pilot projects on the community Internet in the Suusamyr Valley (https://www.currenttime.tv/a/29652289.html), connecting Zardala to the Internet (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlM-UxtDPF4), traffic exchange point in Osh city (IXP), Ilimbox (Internet in a box) for 200 remote schools (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHTuUHVCYqM), IlimBox online educational platform .kg, regional programs and roadmaps for ICT development. ISOC-Kyrgyzstan conducts research, consulting and design work throughout Central Asia. Currently, ISOC is implementing several programs at the local government and regional level, including projects to improve digital skills among the population.

In this connection, ISOC-Kyrgyzstan invites volunteers for an internship and asks to provide a resume for inclusion in the organization’s volunteer database.

Write and send your CV by email with the subject “ISOC Internship”: [email protected]

An offline event will be organized for everyone, where it will be told about the activities of the Internet Society.