Internet for remote village of Enilchek? – Check

The 2021 was a challenging year, especially for communities with no access to the Internet. When schools went to online mode due to the pandemic, teachers and youth in many rural communities were left without access education due to lack of internet. At the Kyrgyz Internet Society we set a challenge to ourselves to bring internet to unconnected communities in these extreme locations. One of such areas is the village of Enilchek.

Enilchek Village is located in the east of Kyrgyzstan, in the Issyk-Kul oblast, close to the border with China and Kazakhstan. A former booming mining village, is now experiencing a decline. The living conditions in the village are very harsh. It has limited communications, which poses challenges for local residents and tourists, for instance in times of natural disasters.

Yet, it is a potentially popular tourist destination due to proximity to Khan Tengri Peak (7010m), Jenish Peak (7439m), and Merzbacher Lake. It is also important environmental location due to its glaciers, natural resources, and snow leopard habitat. Furthermore it is an interesting historical place. In the 14th century, the great conqueror Temir passed with his armies through these areas.

If we could bring internet to Enilchek, it would improve the quality of the life of the residents of the village. It would give access to educational resources, open economic opportunities, and make it possible to receive e-gov, health and social services.