Ilimbox teams conducted a survey on the content of video tutorials

The ilimbox team worked on online lessons and conducted a survey among teachers on the content of video lessons. The purpose of the survey is to show the content and benefits of video lessons and adapt them to the online lessons of the llimbox educational platform.

Several teachers were accepted in the survey and the ilimbox team received the following information.

76% of the interviewed teachers use video tutorials developed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic in their lessons.

We managed to get another answer to the question of how to evaluate the usefulness of video tutorials from 0 to 5.

64% of the teachers surveyed gave the answer 4 (good), and 17% of the respondents gave the rating “average” and “very good”.

To the question “Does the content of the textbooks and video tutorials you use match?” Most of the teachers surveyed (76%) stated that “the content is the same, but does not fit into the thematic-calendar plan.” Also, 11% answered “yes, everything is the same”, 1-2% did not coincide and there are no book problems and exercises…

85% of the respondents stated that the textbooks correspond to the thematic and calendar plan and do not differ from each other.

Currently, the educational platform includes online classes and educational materials for grades 7-10 in 12 subjects in the Kyrgyz language.

Currently, it is actively used by students and teachers, including the teachers we interviewed, accounting for 47%.

Respondents reported that the ilimbox educational platform was 62% based on a thematic calendar and 37% based on book content. The ilimbox team plans to add more video tutorials in the near future.

64% of respondents said they would like to work on improving the ilimbox educational platform.

The ilimbox team is currently working on improving the educational platform; soon we plan to add video tutorials, interactive tasks and tests.

This subproject is implemented by the NGO “Kyrgyz Internet Society” with the financial support of CJSC “Kumtor Gold Company”

The Ilimbox Distance Learning Educational Platform for Schoolchildren project is funded by the Democratic Commission’s Small Grants Program of the US Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic 2020-2021.The Ilimbox project is funded by the Democratic Commission Small Grants Program of the US Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic.