ilimbox – Educational Platform for Secondary Schools

Educational platform for educators and schoolchildren across Kyrgyzstan schools with localized curated content (website platform, mobile apps, devices in schools), meet local educational standards but enriched with updated knowledge. 

We provide children in Kyrgyzstan, their parents, school administrations, teachers, and publishers with access to user friendly, intuitively clear secure educational platforms to be able to obtain distance and online education while being in quarantine, having physical disabilities or constraints:

1) To deploy Moodle open-source solution on website and customize it in user-friendly way (mobile);

2) Upload and structure all available learning materials on one platform organized by classes, school curriculum, competencies; 

3) Convert all textbooks from pdf to machine-friendly format so that it would be easy to search required text, read it, increase the font of the text, etc.

4) Provide video conferencing tools on the platform.

Ilimbox’s online education platform will help the Ministry of Education in digital transformation of the education system, adaptation of their standards and curriculum, and open new ways for learning and reaching out to school-age children even in remote areas of the country as well as from underserved and vulnerable communities. Migrant parents could watch the progress of their kids and join remotely to classroom events, for example. Ilimbox plans to continue developing by opening platforms to third-party publishers and development partners (US Embassy, WB, ADB, UNDP, UNICEF, independent) who would like to provide additional learning materials for children. Ilimbox will keep its sustainability by keeping fees from new publishers and authors for covering maintenance and R&D costs.

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