ISOC General Assembly

May 23, 2019 a general assembly of members of the Public Association “Kyrgyz Chapter of the Internet Society” (ISOC) was held, where they talked in detail about current projects and plans for the coming year. The meeting was attended by: ISOC Chairman – Talant Sultanov, ISOC co-founder – Aziz Soltobaev, Erzhigit Imamov, Isabek Asanbaev, Begaim Bekbolotova and new members of ISOC.

It was said that at the country level, the organization adheres to the basic mission of the Internet Society, and aims to assist in providing all citizens of Kyrgyzstan with high-quality and affordable Internet access. In the 21st century, Internet access is an integral part of modern life and in some countries is already recognized as a human right at the constitution level. The Internet allows one to access information and knowledge of all mankind, gives one the opportunity to get a quality education, improve one’s own potential, broaden one’s horizons, participate in e-commerce, and improve one’s own economic well-being, thereby making a contribution to the prosperity of the whole country.

Members shared news about their activities: on April 25, they organized a seminar on Community Networks and on April 27 a seminar on Internet Traffic Exchange Points. In September, we launched our first projects in these areas. On May 15 of this year, a round table was held in conjunction with the Osh city administration for educators, telecommunications and subordinate departments, and also organized a presentation for Osh residents interested in digitization of the country.

They told about trips abroad. In March 2018 Isabek Asanbaev visited the European Chapters Meeting in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. In 2017, this meeting was held in Spain, and Bermet, one of the founders of our Chapter, went. In November 2018 Isabek and Erzhigit flew to India, where they participated in a seminar on building Community Networks. For Erzhigit, this was the second ISOC visit to India on the subject of Community Networks. This year, Erzhigit participated in the ISOC conference, which was organized in the capital of Romania, Bucharest.

The meeting ended with a discussion of ISOC’s plans for the upcoming 2020 year. We talked about possible projects with new members of the community. The friendly atmosphere of the meeting allowed not only to get better acquainted with the participants, to feel the desire of everyone to make their contribution to the development of the country’s digitalization, but also to involve everyone in the upcoming projects.