The creators of the ilimbox educational platform


ilimbox team. December 2020.

“Ilimbox – Educational platform for schoolchildren in Kyrgyzstan.”

An educational platform for teachers and students of all Kyrgyz-language schools in Kyrgyzstan is available on the website All materials comply with the standards of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.

A distance learning system, an educational platform is created by educated and honest citizens of our country. The ilimbox project unites people who want to make a significant contribution to the development of the education system of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Ilimbox command:

Talant Sultanov

Talent Sultanov, Chairman of the Kyrgyz Internet Society. The ilimbox project is being implemented with a public association and the support of Mr. Talant.


Aziz Soltobaev, project coordinator and consultant of the ilimbox team. The person who initiated the development of a system that allows distance learning, the ilimbox educational platform.

Zhazgul Zuridinova, project manager, previously worked on the ilimbox digital library project for schools in remote areas of Kyrgyzstan. At the moment, she is the manager of the ilimbox team and is responsible for the timely implementation of all plans.

Erzhigit Imamov, chief technical manager of the ilimbox project. The inventor of the ilimbox digital library device, is now responsible for the technical support of the ilimbox educational platform.

Fariza Chilmergenova, makes it easy to find what you need, making online lessons and learning materials user-friendly.

Nazbubu Babayarova, Pamir Karazakov and Aikerim Mukanbetova are the school’s education specialists. Responsible for educational materials and public relations on the platform.

Our ilimbox team also includes programmers. Developers of the ilimbox educational platform (

 The ilimbox educational project is open to new faces, professionals who want to make a significant contribution to the education system of the Kyrgyz Republic.